I’m a Washington, D.C. based public affairs and campaign person who lives in DC with the wife, daughter and no pets (yet). Since arriving in the closing days of the Clinton administration, and suffering through the Bush administration, I’m again waiting to see if it will again be morning in America under the Obama administration (still waiting October 18, 2011).

Very much into political campaigns, social media, corporate campaigns, and the American Red Cross and rugby on the side. Some might say there’s also a penchant for driving fast. Tech, especially wireless and mobile communications is one of the geeky but exciting areas that interests me.

I have an office that faces other offices in the adjoining building – so you can add budding voyeur to the list, but I also spend copious amounts of time on the Acela and in Gotham.


Q – Who is behind this blog?

A – This is all me, Patrick Pannett, the banter in these pages doesn’t represent anything other than my own highly informed opinions, and certainly not that of my employer, or any other organizations I am associated with.

Q – What is a Guern?

A – One who comes from the island of Guernsey, we don’t like the crappauds (those from Jersey)


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