Background & Experience

Here’s my current bio from the firm I work for, DCI Group (

Patrick Pannett joined DCI Group from Direct Impact after years of experience working in political field operations and campaign management. At DCI, he develops and implements corporate campaigns using a campaign-style approach to address the client’s most critical communications and public policy challenges – political, legislative, regulatory and external. Additionally, he manages traditional and new media advocacy campaigns on behalf of legislation and issues – leveraging outside consultants, research firms, third parties and strategic alliances.

In his previous role managing field operations, Pannett managed the day-to-day field operations of numerous national campaigns for some of the world’s best-known brands, overseeing local field team and lobbyist activities, implementing grassroots campaign strategies and providing strategic counsel.

In 2008, Pannett worked as a whip in the Democratic National Convention’s Office of the Secretary and as a consultant to a number of races. Pannett has an extensive background on political and issue campaigns at the state and Federal levels. He was the paid voter communications director for Kerry-Edwards 2004 in Pennsylvania, one of the top battleground states in that presidential campaign.

A member of the American Red Cross advanced public affairs team and former professional photographer, Pannett attended Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, Texas.

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