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LASIK, One Year On and the Full Story

In late 2009 I made the decision that I would investigate having LASIK surgery performed on my eyes to correct my fairly abysmal vision. This was a good time for me have this discussion with my eye doc, Dr. Bindal,  because I had somehow lost or had stolen from me a very expensive pair of Oakley glasses on the Amtrak from NYC.

Scaredy-cat is an understatement for how I was at the time about having anyone touch or even put drops in my eyes, which was the reason I had procrastinated for so long. I also was aware that the technology behind the surgery has progressed at a healthy clip over the year, so why not, I thought.

One of the first tests the doc gave me was to see if I was even a candidate for LASIK. This test involved testing my eyes, an in particular, the cornea depth. They accomplish this by poking a lighted probe into your eyes after administering a drop to numb the eye. Brilliant. I mean really, who came up with the winner of an idea that poking things into eyes is an effective way of determining the candidate. Anyway, I somehow managed to make it through having my eye poked, I recall this took some time, as I backed away from the probe each time the probe came near. Continue reading