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September Primary Elections

Wow, what a night, and what a morning. Talking heads will have no end of items to chat about today. Are the tea baggers doing long-term damage to the Republicans? With empty suits like O’Connell winning in Delaware, one has to wonder. Likewise, are NYers really ready for Paladino?

Closer to home, the Maryland gubernatorial rematch between Ehrlich and O’Malley might be one of the better, and hopefully more civil general election battles.

Closer to home, Mayor Fenty losing his election will be national news, not to mention a case-study for years to come about how one can: have one hell of a mandate, win every precinct in the city, and have residents believe you a doing a good job – yet because do forget to do the basics, and some good old retail, you lose everything. People can handle an aggressive go-getter who rolls over the Council, but not if you don’t tell the base why. His evasive nature ended up being his undoing.

From WaPo: How Adrian Fenty lost his reelection bid for D.C. mayor.

Thought of the Day – Snowpocalypse II

What is it about DC? I mean it’s bad enough that half the people who claim DC as home live in Virginia or Maryland – but I’ve been trying to ascertain from which constituency the panic about the impending snow emanates.

DC allegedly has a complex about big brother NYC. The current panic about the pending Snowpocalypse Part Deux does no one any favours. Our friends to the north in Charm City and Gotham can deal with the wet white stuff. Has the gentrification of DC turned everyone into softies who cannot deal with an inch of snow? For shame.

Unfortunately, I don’t think it’s the aforementioned suburb dwellers who hype the panic, no, I think it’s the residents of the 202 proper. For shame.

It’s snow. Fenty, even with crappy poll numbers deals with the snow. I promise you, there is no need to panic-even though the lines at the various (Insert Noun Here)Safeways are stoopid. Things will be nice and toasty in (what used to be) your $750k condo.

Stock up on Jameson (which, as you know, you should have on hand at all times) and I promise you’ll be fine in the event of and inch and a half of snow.

For reference: http://www.snowpocalypsedc.com (h/t Jen)