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Updated iPad Initial Thoughts

A great Red Cross comms training in Tampa (and subsequent recovery) kept me from writing this sooner.

When I reviewed the iPad shortly after it first came out, I was pretty downbeat.

In an incremental move at a March 2 presser, Apple has updated the iPad, making it thinner, offering it in white, and adding two cameras and the dual core processors. The cameras have me sold – but from the reading I’ve been doing, this upgrade seems akin to the iPhone upgrade from 3G to 3Gs. The screen didn’t see any real improvement, leading me to believe the true iPad next-gen will have a high-end screen a la iPhone 4.

Another problem remains, if the iPad is to be for consuming, surely one could put an SD slot in it, or at least a way to USB/connect to other third-party devices without needing their proprietary dongles.

From a value perspective, the camera was my main gripe, so knowing this iPad will be faster, I could definitely see myself buying the base wi-fi model (or 32 gig) once the next generation is announced.

It’s not earth moving advances, but certainly enough to keep me on the fence about the Kindle, and the various Android tablets (which can’t meet or exceed Apple’s economies of scale).

Hurry up and wait…in the meantime, I think the HTC Thunderbolt is calling my name as an update to my HTC Droid Incredible.

First Thoughts – Experiencing the Verizon Droid Incredible

This will be a post in progress as I highlight and document my experience with the relatively new Android smartphone by HTC – the Incredible on the Verizon network.

As a heavy BlackBerry user since 2002 or so, the change is dramatic, and though I will still have my trust BB Curve 2 on standby during this trial, my goal is live exclusively on the Android OS.

Unlike the BB, the Droid doesn’t have a physical keys – so there is some vibrating feedback when a key is pressed, but there are no tactile keys or the touchpad/ball/wheels I had become accustomed to with the BB. It is a leap to be sure, and to date, my only real experience with touch-based smartphones was with the iPhones (pre-4).

First thing to note, it doesn’t sit in the pocket like the BB did, and it is a little heavier and longer than the BB, but naturally, comparable to the iPhone. The form is much more pleasing than the original Droid by Motorola. The biggest decision to date is whether to use the case and holster (something I haven’t needed to do since I got the original BB Curve.

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