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So Long 2011 – Metrics

2011 won’t be missed for many reasons, three months living in a hotel being one of them, but in terms of races, the year wasn’t bad.

By my record keeping, I logged, 1 Ironman, 2 marathons, 1 1/2 ironman and three Olympic tris. Personal best times in each category, an ambitious schedule in ’12 will make beating those times challenging, especially with IM St. George on tap, but hopefully on the marathon and Olympic distance races I see potential.

According to my TrainingPeaks account, which I only started updating as of May 9 this year, and through today, December 31, I completed:

1482.96 miles bike (Garmin connect said 2,248.75 miles, exc. commuting)
191,226 yards swim
58.69 mountain bike
242 miles brick
447.36 miles run (Garmin connect said 864.53 miles)

I can imagine maybe 1k miles on the bike, several hundred running and a few tens of thousand in the pool before then. Plus several hundred days of commuting to work.

All in all, not a bad year, and hopefully a good foundation for IM St. George in May and a run for a Boston slot in October.

ChesapeakeMan Ultra Triathlon Summary – Lengthy

Training for this race started on May 9, and about 250 hours went into it. Plus the forgiveness of the family to embark on such a foolish venture. Full metrics are pending. This was an intimate race, well organized, with great volunteers and participants. If Eagleman is as good, that must be a great race. It’s the people, not the landscape on this one…

I arrived in Cambridge, Maryland on Thursday afternoon, with the goal of scoping out the bike course and taking a swim before checking in and eating the pasta dinner. The course was less than two hours from DC, an easy drive. Continue reading