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Monday morning QBing

Now I’m not even going to profess to have an idea about what goes into the technical aspects of NCAA football rankings, but it seems to me that humans program computers, and there was a ton of politicking in last night’s BCS bowl game selections.

TCU, after all, was ranked Top 6 in both offense and defence, compelling victory margins each week, yet, somehow, get jumped by Cincinnati at the last minute, allowing for the first ever BCS non-championship game between two undefeated teams, but also one where also both teams came from a league without an automatic BCS bowl big bid (what’s up, the big cheeses didn’t want a “true” BCS team to potentially get mauled by TCU (or Boise for that matter too).

Hat tip to my pal Brammy who pointed me in this direction:


Boise State, TCU deserve better
Story Highlights
  • These teams were denied a chance to validate their seasons against the big boys
  • It’s a compelling matchup when you simply look at the numbers
  • In setting this matchup, the BCS appears to be playing damage control

So, the Fiesta Bowl is not quite the national championship game, but doesn’t this finally mean there will be a groundswell for a playoff system? As NotLarrySabato noted on Saturday night, TCU or Boise would have a fair crack at the NCAA Basketball national championship, why not football too?

See you at the Fiesta Bowl. Go Frogs. And they say there’s no Royalty over here.